LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Paint may be used to Refurbish Fish Ponds and Marine Containment Pools

Looking to refurbish an existing fish pond or a marine containment pool? LUXAPOOL Epoxy pool paint may be used for this purpose in both domestic and commercial applications, and is safe for fish and mammals once the pool paint has been cured. Otter Pool at Sydney Taronga Zoo [...]

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BEFORE: The pool surrounds at Cabarita Pool in Canada Bay had been previously painted with a cementitious coating that was crumbling and flaking.                 AFTER: POOL PAINTERS® of Warriewood, repaired and prepped the surface and then resurfaced the pool surrounds with LUXAPOOL® Poolside & Paving product in a [...]

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LUXAPOOL Blisters & Craters in Epoxy Coating

The appearance of ‘blisters’ and resultant ‘craters’ may be experienced during, or shortly after, the application of certain epoxy coatings inclusive of LUXAPOOL EPOXY FINISH. WHEN ARE BLISTERS MOST OFTEN EXPERIENCED? The development of blisters will normally be limited to the warmer months, and more frequently experienced in tropical and subtropical zones. They will also [...]

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Luxapool is Australia’s #1 Brand of 2-pack Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint for domestic pools and has been used to refurbish the Olympic lap pool at Homebush on a number of occasions. Advantages include: broad range of colours application over a range of substrates smooth safe finish hygienic coating reduces chemical usage leading pool coating technology [...]

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BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted with LUXAPOOL® epoxy TAHITIAN BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted with LUXAPOOL® epoxy ADRIATIC BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted with LUXAPOOL® epoxy ADRIATIC (with very cloudy water) BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted with LUXAPOOL® epoxy MID BLUE BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted with LUXAPOOL® epoxy WHITSUNDAY BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted [...]

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Resurfacing Council Pools

LUXAPOOL® POOL PAINTS ARE EXCELLENT FOR COUNCIL POOL RESURFACING PROJECTS LUXAPOOL will attend the 2016 Country Pool Manager’s Conference to be held in Forbes this year, for our second year running. We look forward to meeting and chatting with everyone who is travelling from near and far to attend. The largest selling pool paint [...]

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Pool & Spa Resurfacing

ONE Darling Harbour residential apartments in Sydney, recently required the resurfacing of the complex’s 25 metre lap pool and spa pool, located on the roof level.   The engineer, Sam Nolan of RHM Engineering, chose LUXAPOOL’s Epoxy pool paint to complete the project. Rory McGuffog of The Paint Saint was the pool painter. Preparation of the [...]

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Commercial Projects Completed Using LUXAPOOL® Epoxy Pool Finish.

The following is a list of significant commercial projects completed using LUXAPOOL’s Epoxy Pool Finish. AQUACULTURE and MARINE CONTAINMENT FACILITIES - Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney NSW Australia – Seal Enclosure - Healesville Sanctuary, Healesville VIC Australia – Platypus Pool - Melbourne Aquarium, VIC Australia – Marine Life Tanks - Phillip Island, VIC Australia – Live [...]

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Waverley College (Sydney) Olympic Pool Project

THE POOL IS A CONCRETE SURFACED ‘L’ SHAPED 50M X 20M OLYMPIC POOL WITH A DEEP DIVING BOWL AT THE END.  THE PROJECT TOOK 5 DAYS TO COMPLETE, USING JOHN‘S TEAM OF NINE PROFESSIONAL PAINTERS. Key steps included: Step 1: Pump out the pool Step 2: Blast the surface with ultra-high pressure water to remove the old [...]

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Hospital Pool Revitalised With LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Coating

The original surface was Marblesheen which after 20 years was covered with a Fibreglass lining. Given that the Fibreglass had delaminated over the next 25 years, Network Pool and Spa Services was given the challenge of providing the client with an affordable outcome. The Network Pool and Spa construction team removed the damaged Fibreglass lining, [...]

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