The Camden pool is a concrete rectangular shaped 50 metre, 8 lane Olympic pool. The pool had been left over the Winter period and had become very dirty with lots of sludge and algae.

The project took 7 days to complete (due to a small hold-up with wet weather), using John‘s professional team of nine pool painters.

Key steps included:

  • Step 1 Pump all the dirty water out of the pool
  • Step 2 Blast the surface with 4 ultra-high pressure water blasters to remove all the sludge, algae, old and loose paint
  • Step 3 The pool was then acid etched with an acid solution
  • Step 4 After the acid etching, the pool was again blasted with the ultra-high pressure water blasters to ensure no acid solution was left on the pool surface
  • Step 5 No primer sealer was required as the pool had been previously painted with epoxy paint
  • Step 6 The pool was painted with 2 coats of Luxapool Epoxy 2-pack in Pacific Blue
  • Step 7 Once the Pacific Blue was touch dry, the men marked out the 8 lanes with tape
  • Step 8 Painted the lanes with LUXAPOOL Epoxy in Black

The pool was left to cure for 10 days, then the water was added.

With two coats of LUXAPOOL Epoxy pool paint professionally applied, the Camden YMCA Memorial Pool will have a coating life of 8-10 years until it needs repainting again.

Camden pool is emptied to reveal sludge and algae which has built up over the Winter period.

CLEANUP: John’s team got to work cleaning the pool with 4 ultra-high-pressure water blasters to remove sludge, algae and old loose paint.

PAINTING: The Pool Painters team applying the first coat of LUXAPOOL Epoxy in Pacific Blue.

SECOND COAT: Applying the second coat of LUXAPOOL Epoxy in Pacific Blue.

PAINTING: The 2 coats are completed and allowed to dry for 1 day.

APPLYING TAPE: The next day tape was applied to mark out the 8 lanes in the pool for painting.

PAINTING ON LINES: The lInes were painted in LUXAPOOL Epoxy Black.

POOL REFILLED WITH WATER: After 10 days of curing, the Camden pool was filled with water and ready to swim in again.