Luxapool is Australia’s #1 Brand of 2-pack Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint for domestic pools and has been used to refurbish the Olympic lap pool at Homebush on a number of occasions.

Advantages include:

  • broad range of colours
  • application over a range of substrates
  • smooth safe finish
  • hygienic coating reduces chemical usage
  • leading pool coating technology keeps water cooler in summer

Luxapool Epoxy is available in a comprehensive range of standard colours, or can be specially colour matched to suit particular requirements or tastes. If you change the colour of your house, garden or general décor, you can simply re-paint the pool to match. It’s very versatile.

Surfaces Which Can be Painted

Luxapool Epoxy can be applied over a variety of surfaces, including cement render, marblesheen, fibreglass, pebblecrete or previously painted epoxy.

The luxury finish of Luxapool as been described as “almost sensuous” and while hard wearing, it is smooth to the skin. The absence of sharp edges characteristic of other surface treatments means it won’t scratch or snag swimming costumes or graze children’s knees and elbows.

Luxapool Epoxy contributes to the hygiene of the pool through a process known as “chalking”. With proper care, chlorine and salt can be kept to a minimum as the surface is constantly being renewed and through doing so, offers outstanding resistance to infestations of “black-spot” that can blight other surfaces.

Luxapool is based on Australian technology, was developed in Australia and has a track record of 45 years under the harsh Australian sun.

Keeps Pool Water Cooler in Summer

As part of the continuing technical evolution ethos at Colormaker Industries, Luxapool has been significantly upgraded. This technology extends the life expectancy of the coating by reducing IR radiation absorption. This keeps the pool waters cooler in summer, reducing evaporation and thus helping to save water.

This ‘cool’ technology has been available for 10 years now and has proven extremely successful. It has been embraced by professional and DIY users alike and represents yet another first for this leading Australian pool paint product.