With the swimming season just around the corner now is the time to update your pool interiors and surrounds in preparation for the warmer Spring/Summer period.
Find out which colour pool would be most suitable for your outdoor area, and take a sneak peek at some of the other key pool trends.


Selecting a pool colour comes down to personal taste, however there’s a number of things you need to consider when making your decision.  Pool colours can appear very different depending upon many elements including the weather, the colour of the sky, the time of day, viewing angle, depth of the pool water, pool lighting, landscaping, decking materials, pool surrounds and even the buildings around your pool. Read on to find out some of the popular pool colours and why people choose them.


Pool colour trends do change each season – however more than 30% of people still choose to have a blue pool, with blue retaining the No. 1 position for the most popular pool colour in 2017.  But what shade of blue should you choose? A light blue, a mid blue or a darker blue?
If you’re thinking of painting your pool, Colormaker Industries (manufacturers of LUXAPOOL™ swimming pool paint) in Brookvale, can provide you with colour boards which you place into the bottom of your pool to experiment with how the different colours will look.  This takes the guess work out of choosing the right colour blue and seeing if it matches with your pool surrounds.  Pool painting is an easy way of updating your pool colour, and LUXAPOOL™ is available in 25 designer paint colours so you can change the colour of your pool when you change your outdoor décor!

One point you need to remember when choosing colours is that once you put the water in the swimming pool the colour will appear darker. Likewise the deeper the water in your pool, the darker the blue colour will appear. Additionally, if your pool is in the sun all day the blue will look lighter than a swimming pool located in the shade.
Pools with blue interiors work well with terracotta, redwood, sandstone and slate pool surrounds – so consider how the colour will blend with the rest of your pool environment when choosing blue for your pool.

Pool in Bilgola, NSW resurfaced with LUXAPOOL™ epoxy pool paint in Mid Blue colour


Some people prefer green pools. Green can will look amazing, particularly if your pool area is surrounded by lush tropical plants with travertine or light sandstone coping or surrounds.

Green pool colours vary from a pale green colour to a deeper turquoise blue/green or even a darker pond green.  Some pebblecrete pools appear green because they have a golden pebble in the aggregate (pebble and concrete mix). Likewise if you would like a pool painted to appear green you essentially need to paint it a pale yellow/gold colour – then once you fill the pool with water it actually appears a lovely pale green like this Palm Beach pool painted in LUXAPOOL’s Riversand colour, shown below.


This Palm Beach pool has been painted with LUXAPOOL™ Epoxy pool paint in Riversand colour
by POOLPAINTERS® of Warriewood.


A completely white pool gives you a crystal clear light blue colour which can be very enticing.  If you have light coloured coping and pool surrounds, including sandstone, travertine or even cement; a white pool can look exceptionally crisp and attractive.

Remember that the water in the pool can reflect the sky, so if it’s a really sunny day your white pool may look ‘bluer’ than normal.


This pool built by Minke Pools of Melbourne has been surfaced with LUXAPOOL™ epoxy pool paint in White


A dark pool conveys elegance and is perfect for reflecting your pool surroundings. If you have a shady area with an architectural feature or an interesting garden element you would like to mirror, then a reflection pool in a dark colour may be the way to go.

Dark pool colours include black, deep blues, deep greens, platinum and slate greys and these tones are definitely on trend with architects and landscapers at the moment, as natural building materials gain popularity.  Dark pool interiors work well with wooden decking, dark granite, dark limestone, slates and even brick pool surrounds. Dark pool colours also look fantastic surrounded by lush tropical gardens and are often chosen for natural rock pools, reflection pools and fountains.

This pool has been painted with LUXAPOOL™ Epoxy in Slate, a darker colour which reflects the adjacent building


Plunge Pools, Fish Ponds & Water Features

With smaller blocks and backyards being the norm these days, plunge pools and lap pools are gaining in popularity.  Even though these pools are smaller they can still be used for exercise. The latest trend is to install a water jet which enables you to swim against the current they create so you can exercise in your backyard pool.

Fishponds and water features are hot trends for outdoors in 2017, as nothing beats the soothing sound of gently tumbling water after a hard day at work.

Pool Fencing

Fencing is required by law around your residential swimming pool, and glass fencing still remains the most popular choice for pools as it doesn’t create a barrier between your home and the rest of your landscaping.  Metal fences are however making a comeback in line with the greys and blacks which are currently popular for home exteriors.  Metal fences also don’t require as much upkeep as glass pool fences which can require constant cleaning to look pristine.

Check with your local Council for the regulations in your area regarding fencing your pool, as these rules have been upgraded recently and you want to make sure you comply.

Natural Materials

Landscaping trends around pool areas is moving in a more organic direction of wooden benches, stone paths and stone walls. With this movement people are increasingly using materials like travertine, granite, natural red and grey woods and even slate around their pools rather than the traditional man-made pebblecrete, terracotta, bricks and cement.

For assistance in choosing a pool paint colour for your pool, talk to your LUXAPOOL™ stockist, drop into the Colormaker Paint Shop at 44 Orchard Road, Brookvale, phone 02 9939 7977 or visit https://luxapool.com.au/gallery to see our pool paint colours.