Pool Renovation Adds Style and Value to Your Property

Updating your pool area can transform your outdoor living space into paradise, ready for entertaining and relaxation. Pool Interior Resurfacing your swimming pool with an epoxy paint will deliver a smooth, hard, glossy surface, which is less susceptible to the growth of algae and easier to clean than other pool surfaces such as pebblecrete, tiles [...]

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LUXAPOOL Goes to 100% Renewables

Plans for solar panels on the Colormaker factory roof. LUXAPOOL by Colormaker Industries is excited to announce that the installation of 356 solar panels is underway. Work commenced on Tuesday this week. This follows the initiative of recently converting to 100% renewable electricity. “We’ve aimed to adopt clean energy for some years but [...]

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For Aquaculture & Marine Containment

Did you know that LUXAPOOL's Epoxy Pool Paint is suitable not just for domestic pools, but also for large-scale commercial pools and Aqautic Centres as well as Ponds, Fountains and Marine Containment Facilities? Here's a few projects completed with LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Paint... AQUACULTURE and MARINE CONTAINMENT FACILITIES Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney NSW Australia – Seal [...]

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Advantages of LUXAPOOL Pool Paint Over Other Pool Finishes

Luxapool is Australia’s #1 Brand of 2-pack Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint for domestic pools and has been used to refurbish the Olympic lap pool at Homebush on a number of occasions. Advantages include: broad range of colours application over a range of substrates smooth safe finish hygienic coating reduces chemical usage leading pool coating technology [...]

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Before and After Pool Resurfacing Projects

BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted with LUXAPOOL® epoxy TAHITIAN BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted with LUXAPOOL® epoxy ADRIATIC BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted with LUXAPOOL® epoxy ADRIATIC (with very cloudy water) BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted with LUXAPOOL® epoxy MID BLUE BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted with LUXAPOOL® epoxy WHITSUNDAY BEFORE AND AFTER: pool painted [...]

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How Much LUXAPOOL Do I Require? – Pool Area Calculator

Working out how much pool paint you need to revamp your swimming pool can be tricky. Which is why we put together this article. Whether you have a rectangular, square, oval, round or kidney shaped swimming pool, we listed examples on how to accurately calculate how much LUXAPOOL swimming pool paint you require. Should you [...]

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