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LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Paint may be used to Refurbish Fish Ponds and Marine Containment Pools

Looking to refurbish an existing fish pond or a marine containment pool? LUXAPOOL Epoxy pool paint may be used for this purpose in both domestic and commercial applications, and is safe for fish and mammals once the pool paint has been cured. Otter Pool at Sydney Taronga Zoo [...]

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Before & After Pool Projects by My Pool Painter

BEFORE - Residential concrete pool with pebblecrete surrounds before resurfacing AFTER - Residential pool interior has been resurfaced with LUXAPOOL Epoxy swimming pool paint with White, with coping replaced with travertine BEFORE - Backyard concrete pool with terracotta pavers surrounds the pool before resurfacing AFTER - Residential pool interior has [...]

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BEFORE: The pool surrounds at Cabarita Pool in Canada Bay had been previously painted with a cementitious coating that was crumbling and flaking.                 AFTER: POOL PAINTERS® of Warriewood, repaired and prepped the surface and then resurfaced the pool surrounds with LUXAPOOL® Poolside & Paving product in a [...]

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Before & After – LUXAPOOL® Poolside & Paving Renovations

BEFORE - Preparing a domestic pool before renovation where pool coping will be updated with LUXAPOOL Poolside & Paving AFTER - Pool coping updated in LUXAPOOL Poolside & Paving in Platinum Grey BEFORE - Preparing a residential pool, cement rendering over the Pebblecrete pool surrounds before then painting [...]

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Before And After Diy Pool Resurfacing Project

Step 1: Dilapidated, old concrete pool Step 2: Repaired  cement surface and attached new waterline tiles Step 3: Acid etched, primed with LUXAPOOL® Primer Sealer, then applied first coat of LUXAPOOL® Epoxy pool paint Step 4:  Completed painting 2 coats of LUXAPOOL® Epoxy pool paint in Tahitian colour, and replaced new tiled coping. Step 5:  After 10 days curing the [...]

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LUXAPOOL® Domestic Pool Before And After

DOMESTIC POOL IN HORNSBY, SYDNEY, PAINTED WITH LUXAPOOL® LAGOON COLOUR BY DIYER PAUL HISCOCK OF HORNSBY, SYDNEY   1. BEFORE – The surface of the existing pool was prepared, by firstly washing it down with LUXAPOOL Concentrated Wash to remove sun creams and body fats, then rinsing that off. Next the surface was belt sanded with a [...]

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LUXAPOOL, Australia's largest selling brand of premium pool paint, manufactures an innovative product called Poolside & Paving, which is a water-based, rubberised, non-slip coating system for pool surrounds and walkways.  Poolside & Paving is easy to apply and provides a safe and durable decorative surface for pebblecrete, concrete and paved areas. It’s great for upgrading [...]

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Hospital Pool Revitalised With LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Coating

The original surface was Marblesheen which after 20 years was covered with a Fibreglass lining. Given that the Fibreglass had delaminated over the next 25 years, Network Pool and Spa Services was given the challenge of providing the client with an affordable outcome. The Network Pool and Spa construction team removed the damaged Fibreglass lining, [...]

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Camden YMCA 50 Metre Memorial Pool

The Camden pool is a concrete rectangular shaped 50 metre, 8 lane Olympic pool. The pool had been left over the Winter period and had become very dirty with lots of sludge and algae. The project took 7 days to complete (due to a small hold-up with wet weather), using John‘s professional team of nine [...]

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Commercial Pool Resurfacing

Here are some pictures of a commercial pool resurfacing project at Breakfast Point Country Club, inner West Sydney. This 25 metre pool has been resurfaced with LUXAPOOL® Epoxy pool paint in Pacific Blue colour, with lines painted in LUXAPOOL® Epoxy in Black by Network Pool & Spa Services, Sydney 1. PREPARATION – Pool was emptied of [...]

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