The original surface was Marblesheen which after 20 years was covered with a Fibreglass lining. Given that the Fibreglass had delaminated over the next 25 years, Network Pool and Spa Services was given the challenge of providing the client with an affordable outcome.

The Network Pool and Spa construction team removed the damaged Fibreglass lining, repaired the delaminated Marblesheen, prepared the original surface and applied 3 coats of Luxapool Epoxy pool paint in “Crestwood” colour.

The result? A great effort, and a pool brought back to life by the team at

Fig 1: Firstly they emptied the Sydney Adventist lap pool and started removing the fibreglass lining.

Fig 2:Removing the fibreglass lining from the pool.

Fig 3: All the damaged fibreglass lining.

Fig 4: Repairing the delaminated Marble sheen surface which was underneath.

Fig 5: Once the surface was prepared the first coat of Luxapool Epoxy pool paint could be applied.

Fig 6: The colour chosen was Luxapool Epoxy in Crestwood colour. The Sydney Adventist Hospital 20 metre lap pool looked fantastic after being painted with 3 coats.