ONE Darling Harbour residential apartments in Sydney, recently required the resurfacing of the complex’s 25 metre lap pool and spa pool, located on the roof level.   The engineer, Sam Nolan of RHM Engineering, chose LUXAPOOL’s Epoxy pool paint to complete the project. Rory McGuffog of The Paint Saint was the pool painter.

Preparation of the pool and spa project took 2 weeks.  This included repairs and sanding back the original Epoxy surface.

Application of the new pool surface took 3 days to apply the two finish coats followed by the line markings.  After completion, the applicator waited 10 days to refill the pool with water, to ensure optimum curing time for the pool paint.

pool painter ground back the original Epoxy coating,
and completed rectification work.

Any exposed large cracks were filled with LUXAPOOL’s Epoxy Filler.

The completed 25 metre lap pool, painted with
LUXAPOOL® Epoxy pool coating in Crestwood colour, prior to filling.
Applicator is seen here applying the Black lines.

The completed ONE Darling Harbour lap pool in LUXAPOOL
Crestwood colour after being filled with water
The pool is a wonderful facility for the complex’s residents.

The spa pool was also resurfaced with LUXAPOOL
Epoxy pool paint in Crestwood colour.