The following is a list of significant commercial projects completed using LUXAPOOL’s Epoxy Pool Finish.


– Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney NSW Australia – Seal Enclosure

– Healesville Sanctuary, Healesville VIC Australia – Platypus Pool

– Melbourne Aquarium, VIC Australia – Marine Life Tanks

– Phillip Island, VIC Australia – Live Crayfish Holding Tanks

– National Breeding Pools, Mainland Australia – Koi Carp Association (exclusive use).

– Kenya and Tanzania, West Africa- Live Lobster Holding Tanks

– Noumea, New Caledonia – Aquaculture Facility

– TAFE Aquaculture Complex Fremantle, W.A. Australia – Snapper Breeding Tanks

– Technology Park, Perth W.A. Australia- Aquaculture Tanks

– Manjimup, W.A. Australia – Crayfish Holding Tanks



– 2000 Olympic Complex, Homebush Bay Sydney Australia – Training Pools

– HYATT Coolum, QLD Australia – Complex of 7 Pools

– Boy Charlton Pool, Manly NSW Australia – ‘Olympic Pool’

– University of Sydney Schools Club, Sydney CBD NSW Australia – Pool Complex

– Wyong Aquatic Centre, Wyong NSW Australia – 1. 8 mill litre Pool Complex

– Waverley College, Sydney NSW Australia – 1.9 mill litre Pool Complex

– Knox College, Melbourne VIC Australia – ‘Olympic Pool’

– City of Perth, Perth W.A. Australia – ‘Olymp