General Pool Care + Maintaining Water Chemistry Guide

LUXAPOOL® GENERAL POOL CARE GUIDE Congratulations on choosing the luxury feel of LUXAPOOL® Epoxy Coating for your pool. The following information is designed to answer some frequently asked questions and help you get maximum life and enjoyment from your new pool coating. ABOUT YOUR FRESHLY PAINTED POOL SURFACE Take care when walking in the [...]

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1. BLOOMING / WATER MARKING Care must be taken to prevent water coming into contact with a curing Epoxy film from sources such as rain, dew, leakage from the hydrostatic valve or even high levels of humidity. If moisture has been allowed to come into contact with a LUXAPOOL Epoxy paint film within the first [...]

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LUXAPOOL Blisters & Craters in Epoxy Coating

The appearance of ‘blisters’ and resultant ‘craters’ may be experienced during, or shortly after, the application of certain epoxy coatings inclusive of LUXAPOOL EPOXY FINISH. WHEN ARE BLISTERS MOST OFTEN EXPERIENCED? The development of blisters will normally be limited to the warmer months, and more frequently experienced in tropical and subtropical zones. They will also [...]

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Concrete Cancer Repair

Overview: Concrete cancer may be experienced in older pools when concrete cracks, and water penetrates to the steel reinforcement deep inside the concrete. With emptying and refilling of swimming pools over time, and also thermal expansion and ground movement, minute cracks may occur in the concrete structure. The cracks then allow ingress of pool water [...]

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LUXAPOOL – List of Completed Commercial Projects

The following is a list of significant commercial projects completed using LUXAPOOL’s Epoxy Pool Finish. AQUACULTURE and MARINE CONTAINMENT FACILITIES Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney NSW Australia – Seal Enclosure Healesville Sanctuary, Healesville VIC Australia – Platypus Pool Melbourne Aquarium, VIC Australia – Marine Life Tanks Phillip Island, VIC Australia – Live Crayfish Holding Tanks National [...]

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Working out how much pool paint you need to revamp your swimming pool can be tricky. Which is why we put together this article. Whether you have a rectangular, square, oval, round or kidney shaped swimming pool, we listed examples on how to accurately calculate how much LUXAPOOL swimming pool paint you require. Should you [...]

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Epoxy Finish – Switching Hardeners

Standard advice to users across the Sydney metro area is that the change from WINTER Hardener to SUMMER Hardener should be made in October once normal morning temperatures move above 15°C. However Colormaker recognises that users in the south west, north-west and western suburbs may experience morning minimum temperatures closer to 10°C or even below. [...]

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