Standard advice to users across the Sydney metro area is that the change from WINTER Hardener to SUMMER Hardener should be made in October once normal morning temperatures move above 15°C.

However Colormaker recognises that users in the south west, north-west and western suburbs may experience morning minimum temperatures closer to 10°C or even below. Under these conditions, WINTER Hardener should still be recommended unless the user takes compensating measures listed below.

These include:

  • Avoiding periods immediately following a cold change,
  • Delaying application until mid/late morning, however not beyond midday due to the greater risk of “blooming” at early evening.
  • Extending the “digestion” or “induction” period (after hardener is added to the base) beyond the normal 10-15 minutes to ~20 minutes.
  • Warm the can of SUMMER Hardener to ~25°C before adding to the coloured Part A base.

Users in NSW country west, south and south west of Sydney and in the ACT may benefit from use of the WINTER Hardener well into October unless at least one of the above measures is undertaken with SUMMER Hardener.

The change from SUMMER back to WINTER Hardener is normally recommended to occur from early May.

For advice in states other than NSW and ACT, please speak with your local LUXAPOOL Distributor.

Information provided: 1st August 2016