LUXAPOOL® will attend the 2016 Country Pool Manager’s Conference to be held in Forbes this year, for our second year running. We look forward to meeting and chatting with everyone who is travelling from near and far to attend.

The largest selling pool paint in Australia and NZ, LUXAPOOL® offers a range of high solids, premium quality coatings for commercial and domestic pool resurfacing, and is available in a large range of designer colours including the popular Pacific Blue and Adriatic colours.

LUXAPOOL® also offers a durable Poolside & Paving product for pool surrounds. This product is attractive, easy to apply and provides a safe, durable surface for most pebble, concrete and paved entertaining areas. Poolside and Paving is suitable for the concrete pathways surrounding council pools.



LUXAPOOL’s No.1 selling Epoxy pool paint has been developed for application over existing Epoxy, old and new cement render, fibreglass, marble sheen and even pebblecrete. This product is well suited to commercial and Council pools, and has been used on a number of large commercial projects including the Sydney Aquatic Centre training pool.

Once cured, LUXAPOOL® Epoxy provides a smooth, hard surface, which is easy to maintain and long lasting.  LUXAPOOL’s Epoxy pool paint features a durable finish with improved resistance to chalking and the effects of salt-water and chlorinated chemicals.


Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre Training Pool being resurfaced by pool painter John Townsend’s team with LUXAPOOL’s Epoxy in Pacific Blue.


One Darling Harbour Apartment painted with luxapool pool paint

LUXAPOOL’s Chlorinated Rubber pool paint has been formulated for use over sound previously painted chlorinated rubber coated surfaces. This product is well suited to council pools (including ocean pools) which have previously been painted with chlorinated rubber pool paint. LUXAPOOL's Chlorinated Rubber can be applied with a brush or roller. Pool projects completed with LUXAPOOL® Chlorinated rubber pool paint include Narooma Aquatic Centre Olympic pool, Dee Why Ocean Pool, Queenscliff Ocean Pool as well as many more.


Narooma Aquatic Centre was resurfaced with LUXAPOOL’s Chlorinated Rubber pool paint in Pacific Blue.


One Darling Harbour Apartment painted with luxapool pool paint

Dee Why Rock Pool was resurfaced by Warringah Council with LUXAPOOL’s Chlorinated Rubber pool paint in Adriatic.




LUXAPOOL® only recommends the best pool paint Applicators. John Townsend of is a renowned pool painter located in Sydney. Many Council pool managers and commercial swimming pool operators throughout Sydney and regional NSW have entrusted John with their pool resurfacing, renovation and refurbishment projects. John only uses and recommends LUXAPOOL® pool paint due to its consistent quality, ease of application and outstanding results. He has been painting commercial swimming pools, indoor and outdoor, for over 30 years.

Some of John Townsend’s projects include:

  • Sydney Aquatic Centre training pool at Homebush
  • Manly, Kuringai, Hornsby and Moruya Council pools
  • Large school pool projects including Cranbrook School, Waverly College, Wenona School for Girls, King Coppal School, and Campbelltown school for disabled children.


Moruya Pool Project by John Townsend of ‘Pool Painters’


BEFORE: Pressure Cleaning Moruya Council Pool prior to painting


AFTER: The finished Moruya Council Pool painted with LUXAPOOL ® Epoxy in Pacific Blue colour



Dennis Cronberger of DC’s High Pressure Cleaning Service is another reputable pool paint Applicator based in the Tamworth area. Dennis has managed a number of commercial and domestic pool painting projects in regional areas using LUXAPOOL pool coatings. Dennis resurfaces pools with both LUXAPOOL’s Epoxy and LUXAPOOL® Chlorinated Rubber products to deliver an outstanding finish.


Murrurundi Domestic Pool Project by Dennis Cronberger of DC’s High Pressure Cleaning

BEFORE: Murrurundi Pool – preparation resurfaced in LUXAPOOL 

AFTER: Murrurundi Pool – Epoxy pool paint in Pacific Blue colour



For further information on our LUXAPOOL® pool paints call Colormaker Industries on 02 9939 7977, or visit our LUXAPOOL Stockists page to find your closest supplier.