LUXAPOOL has been the performance benchmark ​in pool finishes for over 45 years.  This product is Australia’s number 1 trusted swimming pool paint chosen by applicators and DIY renovators alike for it’s reliability and long lasting performance.

Following are 11 good reasons illustrating why LUXAPOOL is the best epoxy pool paint available in Australia.

  1. LUXAPOOL Epoxy delivers the most luxurious, longest lasting, smooth, hard, durable gloss finish which is resistant to abrasion and simple to maintain.
  2. LUXAPOOL Epoxy is a long lasting system. Two coats of LUXAPOOL Epoxy, when properly applied and maintained, has a life expectancy of 8-10 years; 3 coats and you’re looking at 12-15 years. So for the long haul, you’ll spend less time, money and labour with repaints and more time enjoying the pool.
  3. LUXAPOOL Epoxy is available in a broad range of designer colours, so when you decide to change the décor of the house or pool surrounds, then you can change the colour of the pool interior to suit.
  4. LUXAPOOL Epoxy is versatile and can be applied over the widest range of substrates including cement render, marble sheen (quartzon), fibreglass, pebblecrete or previously painted epoxy.
  5. LUXAPOOL Epoxy is high in volume solids with more solids in every kit, so you get a thicker film in fewer coats. The thicker film means a longer service life; fewer coats means the job will be finished in fewer days.
  6. LUXAPOOL Epoxy is Australian, with Australian technology developed and fine-tuned over many years of laboratory research and a successful track record in the field of 45 years surfacing and resurfacing pools right across the country under the harsh Australian sun.
  7. LUXAPOOL Epoxy contributes to the hygiene of the pool, offering outstanding resistance to infestations of “black-spot” that can blight other surfaces.
  8. LUXAPOOL Epoxy has improved resistance to chalking, to the effects of salt-water and to chlorinated chemicals, is algae controlled and safe for use with fish and mammals. The high gloss finish retards early chalking and significantly increases the life expectancy of the coating.
  9. LUXAPOOL Epoxy’s leading pool coating technology keeps water cooler in summer. This technology extends the life expectancy of the coating by reducing IR radiation absorption, thus reducing evaporation and helping to save water. Cooler water also slows chemical burn off, particularly in summer, so lower doses last longer.
  10. LUXAPOOL Epoxy has great application properties, making it a breeze to apply with brush and roller plus excellent flow and levelling properties that yield a smooth, glossy finish.
  11. LUXAPOOL Epoxy can be applied by expert pool paint Applicators or by DIY renovators following our industry leading Luxapool Application Guides.

LUXAPOOL Epoxy is available online, or from an established stockist in every state and territory capital, so you can get great advice from an experienced local who knows our product and your climate.

Backyard pool painted in LUXAPOOL Epoxy in Serenity Colour