Plans for solar panels on the Colormaker factory roof.

LUXAPOOL by Colormaker Industries is excited to announce that the installation of 356 solar panels is underway. Work commenced on Tuesday this week. This follows the initiative of recently converting to 100% renewable electricity.

“We’ve aimed to adopt clean energy for some years but had not been able to find a suitable provider” said David Stuart, Managing Director and owner. “One of our new staff members was able to spend the time researching the green energy market and we’ve been very pleased with the change to 100% renewables. While it had to make sense operationally, it was mainly driven by our ethos of environmental stewardship. We believe that this is something that our customers care deeply about and this initiative will help them to reduce their environmental footprint.”

The installation is progressing well, all but a small delay due to the high winds.

Day #2 (6/8/19) – the measuring & marking up phase has been completed & now the L feet are going in. Trouble with tech screws caused some delays, so now pre-drilling holes & using heavier gauge screws.

Day #3 (7/8/19) – A lot of the rails are now in and some panels are being prepped, hopefully for installation tomorrow (Thurs).

Day #4 (8/8/19) – Afternoon delays due to a rain squall & now high winds, with worse expected tomorrow.
Day #5 (9/8/19) – No work due to high winds today. Too dangerous to install sheets.

Week 2, Day #8 done & dusted. There’s not a lot different to see, but if you look closely, you can see more wires & rail that has been installed this week.

Week 2, Day #8. Solar Panels ready and waiting to be installed.

Week 3, Day #13. We’re making good progress with 51 Solar Panels installed, 305 to go…

Week 4, (6/9/19), The Solar Panel installation is complete. We have all 356 panels on the roof waiting to be switched on.

Once finalised Colormaker will be exporting power back to the grid. It’s remarkable to consider that in a fortnight’s time all our products will be manufactured utilising power that has been generated by the sun ☀ ☀