LUXAPOOL Epoxy Primer Sealer is an integral part of the LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool System where assurance of optimum adhesion is sought for many pool surfaces.

Is a long proven solvent based, high solids, two part epoxy, designed specially to eliminate surface pin holes and the ingress of water soluble salts which could lead to the blistering, flaking and peeling of the finish coat.

Is recommended as the first coat of the LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool System for many pool surfaces including new concrete, marblesheen, and old rendered surfaces.

As the first coat in the LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool System for selective use in:

  • Swimming pools
  • Water tanks
  • Fish ponds
  • Aquaculture ponds.


  • Medium solids primer with good surface wetting.
  • Excellent adhesion to sound, but porous concrete, render and marblesheen surfaces.
  • Easy mix ratio via pre-pack quantities.

Refer to the ‘LUXAPOOL Epoxy Application Guide’ specific to the specific type surface you wish to

Thinning is not recommended.

Normally touch dry in 8 hours. Should be trafficable within 12-24 hours, at which time it may be recoated with LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Coating. Do not apply at temperatures below 15oC or above 30oC, or in humidity levels exceeding 80%.

Approximately 25 – 30 m2 per 4L kit.

Ensure that the temperature of both components exceeds 15oC, ideally that it is between 15oc and 20oC. Pour the entire contents of Part B into a solvent resistant plastic, or metal container. Add Part A to the Part B can and stir thoroughly. DO NOT ALTER MIX RATIO/DO NOT USE PART CANS.

Typically 1.5 hours per 4 Ltr kit at approx 25oC. Can be used longer in cool conditions, or much shorter towards 30oC.

Clean all equipment with LUXAPOOL Solvent L.T. Low cost, but NOT cheap, rollers and brushes are not
recommended for re-use. Cheap rollers may show early fibre loss.

Download LUXAPOOL Epoxy Primer Sealer tech data sheet in PDF format