Luxapool concentrate wash is a non caustic amine detergent concentrate specially formulated for removing body oil and sunscreen residues prior to commencing any surface preparation for any Luxapool finish.


Always add the detergent to warm water. 500mL will make up to 20L of wash solution and 5L will make up to 200L of wash solution.
Empty and drain the pool of water and use a stiff broom to scrub onto the pool surface, paying attention to step and corner areas. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry, before continuing with pool preparation prior to painting. Full details can be found in the relevant application guide from our website.


Available in 500mL and 5L plastic re-sealable bottles.


  • Risk- irritation to eyes and skin. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
  • Wear suitable gloves and protective glasses.
  • Spills and disposal- slippery when spilled. Wear protective equipment to prevent skin and eye contamination.
  • Contain – prevent contamination of drains and water ways. Use absorbent material to contain.


Ingestion – rinse mouth thoroughly with water and give water to drink. DO NOT induce vomiting

Skin- wash with soap and water and rinse thoroughly. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse.

Eye – Immediately irrigate with copious quantity of water with eye lids held open. We recommend seeking
medical advice in all cases of eye exposure.


The technical advice and/or application advice given in this publication represents the present state of our
knowledge, and is believed to be reliable. Buyers and intended users of all Colormaker Industries products
should read the TDS carefully and then conduct their own assessment to confirm the suitability of the
product, including in conjunction with other products, and the types of surfaces to, and the manner in which,
the product will be applied. Colormaker Industries offers no warranty of performance based on the above
information, either expressed or implied.

Download LUXAPOOL Concentrated Wash Tech Data Sheet 1408