LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber coatings are formulated specifically for application to new or old concrete, or previously painted chlorinated rubber finishes. They offer a cost effective, single pack, hard satin finish, with outstanding resistance to swimming pool chemicals and salt water.


The primary use of LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber is water immersible applications such as swimming pools and water tanks. However, other areas of use include silos or similar food storage applications, and concrete floors in wet rooms and bathrooms. LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber is not suitable for previously painted epoxy pools, or marblesheen surfaces.


  • Single pack system
  • Self-priming for most applications
  • Ease to use and apply
  • Resistant to a broad range of water soluble chemicals, and to mould, algae and bacterial growth
  • Cured films are non-toxic
  • Readily maintained with minimal surface preparation
  • Economical


Colour(s): Available in a range of 7 standard colours
Finish: Satin
Volume Solids: 35%
Wet Film Thickness (WFT): 125 microns
Dry Film Thickness (DFT): 45 microns
Theoretical Spreading Rate: 7-9 m²/L
Specific Gravity: Approximately 1.25kg/L
Touch Dry Time: 1-2 hours at 25⁰C, 50% relative humidity
Recoat Time: 24 hours at 25⁰C, 50% relative humidity


No specific standards applicable


Available in 15L and 4L pails


  • Avoid applying in very hot and/or sunny conditions which may result in blistering. Ideally, begin application under shade, and in the cooler hours of the morning
  • if the temperature falls below 10°C, or rises above 35°C or is likely to fall outside these limits during drying,
  • Do not apply in humidity levels greater than 85%


Prior to painting

Previously painted Chlorinated Rubber and old concrete surfaces should be scrubbed clean with Luxapool
Concentrated Wash. Depending on condition and age, previously painted Chlorinated Rubber surfaces may
also require light sanding until slightly rough to touch before application of additional coats. Both new and
old cement render should be acid etched and neutralised prior to application. For additional information on
surface preparation, refer to the LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber Application Guide, or contact Colormaker


a) When ambient temperature is BELOW 20°C: Use LUXAPOOL Solvent X is recommended for thinning the 1st application coat only at levels not exceeding 5%, or 50mL per Litre to thin LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber
b) When ambient temperature is ABOVE 20°C: Use LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber Solvent (CRS) is recommended for thinning the 1st application coat only at levels not exceeding 5%, or 50mL per Litre to thin LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber


No priming required for most suitable application surfaces, however a thinned first coat should be applied to
maximise surface penetration and adhesion over bare concrete surfaces.

Non Slip Finish

A non-slip finish may be created easily with the addition of Colormaker Industries Non-Slip Additive.
Add the Non-Slip Additive at the rate of 60-75 grams per litre whilst stirring with a flat blade stirrer, and
allow to stand for 10 minutes before applying.


  • Stir thoroughly prior to use with a broad, flat paddle using an up and down scooping action for
    at least 5 minutes
  • Apply a minimum of 3 coats, but preferable 4 coats for best results
  • Allow suitable recoat time between coats

Brush: Apply liberally and lay off with tip of the brush.
Roller: Use a medium nap (12-16mm) roller for best results.


7-9m²/L dependant on the porosity and texture of the surface.


Reseal containers immediately after use.
Clean all equipment while paint is still wet with LUXAPOOL Chlorinated Rubber Solvent (CRS) or LUXAPOOL Solvent X whichever is available. Do not wash into drains or open watercourses.


  • Ensure that you let your pool shop know that your pool has a Chlorinated Rubber coating, and our recommended pool chemistry.
  • Maintain pH between 7.4 and 7.8
  • Maintain Total Alkalinity at a minimum of 140ppm, and preferably 160-180ppm.
  • Adjust Calcium Hardness above 250 ppm, ideally 280 > 320 ppm.
  • Keep chlorine levels at a minimum.
  • Minimise the use of acid where possible.



Store in a cool, dry place in sealed containers. Shelf life before opening is 24 months.
Once opened and resealed, ideally use the remaining contents within 6 months.


Thoroughly read the SDS before commencing any application. Keep away from children. Avoid inhalation, breathing vapour and contact with skin. Wear adequate personal protection when mixing or applying. Always provide adequate ventilation especially in confined areas. If swallowed immediately rinse mouth and then drink plenty of water. Seek medical advice. Wash any paint splashes on the skin with clean water. If irritation occurs seek medical advice. If the event of eye contact immediately irrigate with plenty of fresh water for at least 15 minutes. Hold eyelids open. In all cases of eye contamination, it is a sensible precaution to seek medical advice.
In the event of a spill, contain the spread of paint to prevent contamination of drains and waterways. Clean up spills with absorbent materials such as soil, sand, or vermiculite, and then collect and seal in properly labelled containers for disposal. SDS is available upon request.


Product Disclaimer

The technical advice and/or application advice given in this publication represents the present state of our knowledge, and is believed to be reliable. Buyers and intended users of all Colormaker Industries products should read the TDS carefully and then conduct their own assessment to confirm the suitability of the product, including in conjunction with other products, and the types of surfaces to, and the manner in which, the product will be applied. Colormaker Industries offers no warranty of performance based on the above information, either expressed or implied.