ACRYLMERIC UNICRYL HD Clear Glaze Application Guide – for use over LUXAPOOL Poolside & Paving (Download PDF)

UNICRYL® HD CLEAR GLAZE – for Application over LUXAPOOL Poolside & Paving

UNICRYL® HD Clear Glaze is a commercial strength clear gloss, single pack, water-based urethane modified acrylic coating, supplied ready for use (RFU). It is designed specifically to enhance the longevity of ACRYLMERIC® Weathertuff, Sportscote and LUXAPOOL® Poolside & Paving membranes and other textured coatings by providing a clear gloss durable protective film over the surface.

It provides added water and weather resistance to the ACRYLMERIC® System and LUXAPOOL® Poolside & Paving surfaces. It also improves cleanability.


  1. Ensure that all surfaces to be painted are sound and free from dust, oil, grease or other contamination. Unless freshly painted, the surface should first be washed with LUXAPOOL® Concentrated Wash solution (500 mL dilution into 20 L of warm water). Use a stiff bristle brush or broom to scrub the surfaces then flush with fresh water. Follow this with a high-pressure water wash to ensure that the surface is thoroughly clean.
  2. Allow the surface to dry, before applying UNICRYL® HD Clear Glaze.


NOTE: Obtain a 7-day weather forecast. Do NOT apply ACRYLMERIC® Unicryl HD Clear:

  1. If the ambient temperature is below 15 °C,
  2. If the surface temperature is below 12 °C,
  3. If minimum overnight temperatures are forecast to be below 10 °C with 7 days of application, or
  4. In damp or rainy conditions, or when rain is forecast within 7 days of application.

All personnel participating in application must use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent contact with skin, eyes and breathing of vapours. A sunhat and sunscreen are also recommended if applying outdoors.


  1. UNICRYL® HD Clear Glaze should be applied as a final coat. This will enhance colour and gloss, provide increased resistance to staining and facilitate cleaning. However, use of this coating will also reduce anti-slip properties.
  2. It is recommended that a sample area be prepared first in order to confirm suitability of the coating for the proposed area.
  3. Whilst UNICRYL® HD Clear Glaze is supplied RFU, it is good practice to mix thoroughly each time before use. Apply using a 10 mm nap roller and ensure that the surface of the underlying profile has been thoroughly wet.  Application rate will be approximately 6 m²/L, depending on surface profile.  Clean all equipment immediately after use with water.
  4. Allow coated surfaces to dry for a minimum of 12 hours before allowing soft sole pedestrian foot traffic. Full cure can be achieved in 7 days under good (25 °C, 50% RH) drying conditions. Allow longer in cooler and/or more humid conditions.Allow to cure 7-14 days under good drying conditions (25 °C, 50% RH) before placing outdoor furniture on the coated surface. Exercise caution.


Clean all equipment with water immediately after use and whilst still wet. If the coating is allowed to go hard, then equipment should be cleaned by scraping, sanding or with Xylene based thinners.


Surfaces coated in accordance with the above directions offer long-term use under typical domestic conditions. Follow basic cleaning guidelines to maximise the service life of the coating. Clean all spills as soon as they occur. Surfaces should be cleaned with a fine jet garden hose or soft bristle broom using a mild detergent solution, then rinse with fresh water.

STATEMENT OF RESPONSIBILITY: The technical advice and/or application advice given in this publication represents the present state of our knowledge and is believed to be reliable. Buyers and intended users of all Colormaker Industries products should read the product label, TDS and Application Guide carefully and then conduct their own assessment to confirm the suitability of the product, including in conjunction with other products and the types of surfaces to, and the manner in, which the product will be applied. This is to satisfy themselves that the product is suitable for use in the area intended and under conditions of application and cure. Given the wide range of substrates, environmental conditions and methods of application, Colormaker Industries offers no warranty of performance, either expressed or implied based on the above information. The painter, contractor or applicator of Colormaker Industries products may reject the advice given by Colormaker Industries either orally or in writing as it is their responsibility, not that of Colormaker Industries, for carrying out appropriate application within any given context.

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