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Suitable surfaces:

  1. New cement render
  2. Pools previously painted with epoxy paint
  3. Marblesheen and quartzon
  4. Pebblecrete pools
  5. Fibreglass pools

Before you begin ensure the pool has been:

  1. washed with LUXAPOOL Concentrated Wash, abraded, acid etched and clean and dry
  2. Check that the pool shell is above 10°C
  3. Check that the weather forecast will be between 10°C and 30°C both during and for 3-6 hours after application
  4. Check weather forecast to ensure three consecutive rain free days
  5. LUXAPOOL Primer-Sealer (if used) was applied within the last 24hrs

To begin painting with LUXAPOOL Epoxy Pool Coating you will need:

  1. One 3.5 L pack LUXAPOOL® Epoxy Pool Coating will cover approximately 20-25m2
  2. Batch numbers on all Part A’s are identical.
  3. All Part B cans are either all summer or all winter cure.
  4. Use LUXAPOOL® Epoxy Part B Winter Hardener when temperature will be between
    10°C – 18°C
  5. Use LUXAPOOL Epoxy Part B Summer Hardener when temperature will be between
    18°C – 30°C
  6. Tip: Keep pool paint inside in extreme cold or hot weather
  7. Keep unused paint in a shady area to keep paint cool.
  8. Apply paint between 8 am and
    11 am.
  9. Metal stirring stick
  10. Roller, brush and roller tray.
  11. Masking tape
  12. Vacuum cleaner
  13. Protective clothing: mask, safety glasses covered shoes, old clothes and solvent resistant gloves.
  14. Read instructions on the can and application guide

Step 1: Vacuum the pool surface

Step 2: Mask areas as appropriate

Step 3: Prepare the LUXAPOOL® Epoxy Pool Coating by adding the Part B Hardener to the Part A Base.

Use whole packs of Part A base and Part B hardener.

TIP: Stir 300 times around by hand.

Step 4: Paint the pool.

TIP: Mark out 20 m2 and use up one 3.5 L kit. This will give you an optimum film thickness.

Step 5: Allow a minimum of 20 hours and not more than 24 hours for curing before applying the second coat.

Step 6: Apply a second coat. Do NOT thin the epoxy paint mix with LUXAPOOL Solvent A

Step 7: Allow the pool to dry thoroughly before filling with water.

Allow 7 days in summer and

14 days in winter

Do not add chemicals other than salt or chlorine for at least 3-5 days

To maintain the coating and maximise the wearing life, maintain pool chemistry in accordance with our GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR POOL CARE available on our website.