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What can I use on pavers/bricks/cement areas around the pool?

For a transparent finish that maintains the natural appearance of the surface, Colormaker Industries PETROL & OIL RESISTANT CONCRETE SEALER may be considered. Avoid high builds as this will lead to a slippery surface. Alternatively, an opaque, non-slip finish may be obtained through use of LUXAPOOL® POOLSIDE & PAVING, which is available in 15 decorative [...]

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What can I paint metal pieces around the pool with?

So long as these items are not subject to immersion, and free of rust, application of Colormaker ‘Anti-Corrosive Primer’ followed by the finish of choice. Full Gloss Acrylic will provide the best long-term weathering. Refer to the specific product data before proceeding.

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What is the expected life of both Chlorinated Rubber and Epoxy?

Given proper preparation, application and strict control of pool water chemistry as recommended by Colormaker Industries, LUXAPOOL® Chlorinated Rubber should last up to 3 years and LUXAPOOL® Epoxy should last 8-10 years (less for darker colours in both systems). Be aware that automatic cleaners such as Kreepy Krawley and Barracuda, etc., will decrease the overall [...]

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What size roller should I use?

Use a low cost but NOT cheap roller ideally of minimum 270mm width and 60mm diameter. Medium nap (10>11mm lamb’s wool roller covers are ideal) Larger rollers in experienced hands will result in a faster and visually better result. Ensure that a suitable tray is available to suit the roller width.

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