LUXAPOOL is Australia’s largest selling brand of premium swimming pool paint and has been the performance benchmark in pool finishes for over 45 years. Manufactured by Colormaker Industries in Brookvale NSW, LUXAPOOL is proudly 100% Australian owned and produced.

LUXAPOOL products are manufactured under strict quality control procedures. Colormaker’s team have 100 years collective experience in the coatings industry from manufacturing, to R&D through to customer service.

Colormaker Industries Company Profile

Colormaker celebrated 60 years last year. The business began in 1958 and launched a range of water-based house paints in 1960 under the PELICAN PAINTS® brand. In 1962 production began at the current location in Orchard Rd Brookvale.

Today, Colormaker produces many market leading products including:

ACRYLMERIC System – A premium range of water-based exterior waterproofing coatings suitable for the extremes of the Australian climate, including elastomeric wall coatings, trafficable concrete sealers and wet area membranes.

Colormaker Interior And Exterior House Paints – A premium quality yet competitively priced range of interior paints, exterior paints, undercoats, primers, paving paints, and rust prevention products.

Permaset Screen Printing Inks – Australia’s No. 1 brand of premium quality water-based inks for fabric printing: designed for both the professional printer and the leisure artist.

Environmental Sustainability

As an industry exemplar in manufacturing water-based paints and inks, Colormaker Industries has also led by example with our environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices.

Reduction in Water Use, Waste sent to Landfill & Use of Renewable Energy

Installation of extensive solar panels are expected to be completed by end of 2019.

Colormaker’s environmental initiatives include:

  • The use of LED lighting throughout the warehouse and office complex,
  • The treatment of waste water,
  • Recycling of paper, board and scrap metal,
  • AGL contract for 100% renewable electricity, and
  • Natural light throughout the factory and warehouse areas.

Recognising our environmental responsibility both locally and globally, Colormaker is committed to continually improving performance in this area. Colormaker has recently signed up for Solar Energy. Installation of extensive solar panels are expected to be completed by end of 2019.

Once commissioned, we will export surplus clean energy back to the grid.