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Unicryl Heavy Duty Clear Glaze

Unicryl Heavy Duty Clear Glaze


UNICRYL HD Clear Glaze is a one pack modified acrylic-polyurethane clear coating that enhances the durability of ACRYLMERIC elastomeric, LUXAPOOL® Poolside & Paving trafficable surface, and TEXACOTE texture coatings. It provides a gloss protective clear surface that adds durability to trafficable surfaces, and enhanced water and weather resistance to vertical surfaces.

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For additional resistance to soiling and for ease of long term surface cleaning of Luxapool Poolside and Paving, apply a finishing coat of Colormaker Unicryl HD Clear Glaze. Application of such will also enhance the final colour effect and reduce ‘blocking’ of heavy items later placed on the surface. Apply using short or medium nap roller to thoroughly wet the surface of the underlying profile.

Coverage: approximately 6m2/Litre = 24m2/Tin (dependant on surface profile).

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