LUXAPOOL Structural Epoxy Filler Part A & B

LUXAPOOL Structural Epoxy Filler Part A & B


Luxapool SEF (Structural Epoxy Filler) is a fully formulated, under-water grade, 2-pack Epoxy Filler designed for surface repair and medium/fine surface filling prior to the application of Luxapool Epoxy finishes.

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LUXAPOOL® Structural Epoxy Filler is an engineered immersion grade 2 pack epoxy filler designed for the surface repair of all cement based, ‘pebblecrete’, fibreglass and epoxy surfcaes. It may be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces normally without any temporary formwork. It provides a tight adhesive bond, and cures rapidly to a tough, hard surface which, after surface sanding/grinding may be coated with epoxy finishes. NOT RECOMMMENDED for repairs which will be finished with chlorinated rubber coating.

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600mL, 2L, 4L


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