Australia’s number one brand of 2-pack Epoxy Swimming Pool Paints for domestic pools, LUXAPOOL has just released an amazing new spectrum of colours based on their cool-pigment technology.

The cool pigment technology extends the life expectancy of the coating by reducing IR radiation absorption. This keeps the pool waters cooler in summer, reduces evaporation and thus helps to save water. 

As well as a comprehensive range of standard colours, LUXAPOOL is now available in a beautiful range of rich hues including Tahitian, Turquoise and Deep Ocean.

LUXAPOOL Epoxy can be applied over a variety of surfaces, including cement render, marblesheen, fibreglass or previously painted epoxy.

Based on Australian technology, LUXAPOOL was developed in Australia by leading manufacturer of surface coatings Colormaker Industries and has a track record of nearly 40 years under the harsh Australian sun.

Contact the manufacturer on 02 9939 7977 or visit for your local stockist.